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Meet DO School Alumni Tashfeen Ahmed, the entrepreneur pioneering digital skills for Pakistan’s unemployed!

There are 5.3 million people still unemployed in Pakistan. Most of them want to gain digital skills but they don’t get an opportunity to. Moreover, there are many new companies and startups looking for skilled resources. This gap can only be bridged if we provide the interested people with the right skills. This is where my venture comes in. We aim to create employment opportunities, establish a better economy cycle and improve the lifestyle of people through trainings, digital empowerment, team building and entrepreneurship.

My mission is to empower everyone by connecting their skillset with the market that needs it the most. I aim to incorporate solution oriented mindset in individuals who can positively contribute towards the society and solve issues through utilizing their skills. The trainees go through a phase of online trainings on a platform and offline weekend Q/A sessions. The online platform has course videos, reading content [step-wise tutorials], quizzes and assignments. The course videos and reading content teach the skills through step-wise tutorials. The quizzes and assignments test the trainees’ learning over time.

The assignment tasks we assign are provided to us by our corporate partners (social enterprises, established brands) who want to get their work done. We use a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy to complete these tasks and get paid. The trainees are also paid for these tasks they complete.

We also aim to partner with Universities in Pakistan to get space for trainings and workshops on weekends. The trainees will be invited to join Q/A sessions and important discussions on campus.

After graduation, the trainees will be facilitated to start a job or start their own initiative. They’ll be provided a Venture Toolkit if they want to start their own initiative or a Career Toolkit if they need guidance on how to land on a job.

Tashfeen Ahmed, 21, Pakistan, a budding entrepreneur

My initiative aims to provide skill development trainings both online and offline to unemployed people to bridge a gap between human resources and job opportunities.

26 Jul 2017